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Sensei Bill Viola Jr.

bill viola and gabby

Bill Viola Jr. was born in Irwin, PA. He was introduced to Shotokan Karate by his father Bill Viola II, founder of Allegheny Shotokan Karate and co-creator of the modern sport of MMA. Viola Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps beginning martial arts lessons at the age of 2.  The legacy continues as his daughter Gabby (pictured left) also began training as soon as she could walk.

Viola was one of the most consistent sport karate competitors in the country recognized as a United States of America Karate Federation (USAKF) national champion and All American Athlete.  In 1998 he was recognized by Arnold Schwarzenegger as a World Champion at The Arnold Sports Fesival, Columbus, Ohio.

Sensei Bill is an Amazon best selling author.  His most recent book, Go Ask Your Dad and the award winning and critically acclaimed Godfathers of MMA, are both available on Amazon.  Godfathers of MMA is the subject of the upcoming documentary film, Tough Guys (2016) 

bill viola jr

Bill Viola Jr. is a 1999 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (Summa cum laude). He moved to Hollywood, California after graduation to work in the entertainment industry subsequently earning acceptance into the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio (AFTRA)sag

After working with top industry professionals Viola Jr. established his own production company, Kumite Classic Entertainment in 1999. The company’s signature event is the self-titled “Kumite Classic” is regarded as the mecca for martial arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Viola Jr. has served as an independent consultant for number major motion pictures including Warrior (2011) and as an Associate Producer for the mixed martial arts inspired film Tapped (2014) starring former Kumite Classic champion’s Nick Bateman and Cody Hackman and former UFC champion’s Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva.